Frequently asked questions and answers

Is it easy to assemble?

All our generators are Plug &Play and do not need any permission from local or national authorities for their installation. In the delivery box you will find the manual with all the assembly instructions, for which 15-20 minutes are sufficient.

How much energy does it produce?

The energy generated does not depend so much on the generator, but rather on the wind. In order to take advantage of any type of wind turbine, it needs the necessary wind conditions. Below this individual wind threshold, the turbine cannot begin to produce energy.

Is the plant complete?

It all depends on what is meant by “complete”. Each customer has specific needs, so you can customise your generator directly from the configurator of the online store.

Are the batteries included? What kind of batteries do you recommend?

Since these are choices to be matched with your preferences and your system, we do not sell batteries for accumulation or electric cables.

We generally recommend as type of accumulation battery, the lead-acid batteries at 12V, similar to those for cars, being the least expensive. They need a light maintenance as it is necessary to add distilled water from time to time.

Why do you recommend batteries in Grid Connected versions?

For two reasons:

  1. With regard to the production of wind energy it is difficult to make the moment of production coincide with the moment of consumption. Instead, by accumulating the energy produced in the battery, it is available when needed.
  2. For the “Grid Connected” configurations of our products, we use single-phase – “small range” – solar inverters in DC current much cheaper than the three-phase (“wide-range”) ones suitable for wind power plants. Being single-phase – “small range” – they must be used together with an accumulation battery (+ controller) to dampen the power surges produced by the wind power plant.

It is however possible to purchase the “wide range” three-phase Grid Connected inverter from other suppliers.

Are the electric cables included? What kind of electric cable do you recommend?

As these is a choice to be matched with your system, we do not sell electric cables.

We generally recommend a two-core electric cable with a minimum section of 1mm of the required length. In case of further doubts / clarifications we recommend contacting an electrician in your area.

Do I have to ask for permits before installing a micro wind turbine for domestic use?

No permits are required from the competent authorities to install our domestic wind turbines.

Is it silent?

Unlike conventional horizontal wind turbines, which operate at 600 rpm (revolutions per minute), vertical axis wind turbines rotate very slowly (60 to 200 rpm), so no noise is generated. The noise level in dB can be found directly in the product data sheet (shop>product).

How does the generator brake if there is too much wind?

All vertical axis wind rotors are self-braking due to their aerodynamic structure: when their working rotation is achieved, the counter-wind blade acts as a brake, stabilizing speed and efficiency.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship our products all over the world.

How much is shipping?

For most products we offer FREE SHIPPING: You can calculate the shipping cost of your order directly from the e-commerce site by simulating a purchase (which is to say setting up a purchase, but not finalising it).

Is it possible to see / purchase the products at your premises?

Being only producers, we do not have a shop open to the public. All orders must be executed directly online on our e-commerce site.

How much is the product warranty?

The legal guarantee is two years. That said, since there are no moving mechanical parts (only the rotation of the motor that produces energy) the duration is almost unlimited.

How long does it take for the goods to arrive?

24 hours to arrange shipping, 3 days for delivery in Europe and 5-7 days in the rest of the world. All shipments are traceable by TNT / FedEx.

I already have a photovoltaic system. Is it possible to connect it with a mini wind turbine?

The expansion of a photovoltaic/ wind power plants is always advisable because hybrid systems have a higher yield, being able to exploit the natural sources (sun / wind) in an optimized way in the 24 hours.

In order to connect our products to already existing or new systems, please contact an installer/ electrician in your area. We from MAKEMU, by selling exclusively mini-wind plants and not knowing the products from other suppliers, can’t offer you this type of technical support.

I would like to install one of your generators but before buying I would like to talk with you.

We kindly ask to acknowledge the fact that telephone assistance is reserved as a POST SALES service to our only dealers. For all technical questions, we therefore ask you to view the product sheets (all the information we have is published).

In the face of any further doubt, we always recommend to try the product directly, remembering that we offer the formula SATISFIED OR REFUNDED (try the product and if it isn’t what you were looking for, you can return it within 14 days).

Why don't you provide the production curves?

IMPORTANT Talking about MICRO VAWT’s the attention should not be paid to production (which is obviously negligible compared to large plants) but to the costs (purchase, installation and management) that must be as low as possible.

Other elements to consider, are the pleasant design and the quietness, in order to adapt themselves to the urban contexts in which they are installed.

Our MICRO VAWT’s are the cheapest and most silent on the market, with an outstanding design “made in Italy”.

Areas of use

Our micro wind turbines have been designed to be light, elegant but above all economical.

Their primary use is that of garden furniture and hobby/electric bill integration. For the production of energy for commercial purposes, it is necessary to work on professional horizontal axis wind turbines (costing tens of thousands of euro) *.

(* The classic horizontal axis wind turbines have, in fact, an aerodynamic efficiency that is close to 90% while those with vertical axis, even if more silent and aesthetically beautiful, do not exceed 27% as a blade is always upwind braking the rotation).

Although it is easy to assemble I would like to have a technical support, can you help me?

Unfortunately, we are able to assist our customers exclusively for general questions. Having to manage more than 500 orders/ shipments a day worldwide from our central logistics office, we are not able to provide consecutive technical assistance on the products we sell. We only make sure that the product – you ordered –  will be delivered to you within the expected shipping times. For any kind of consecutive technical assistance, it is always necessary to contact your electrician.