Producing clean and free energy with the wind

365 days a year, day and night, summer and winter – the domestic wind power plant has peculiar characteristics that distinguish it from the great wind power plant: limited powers, reduced space, quietness, importance of the aesthetic factor. That’s why, for home use, nothing is more appropriate than vertical axis wind turbines: because they capture the wind from all directions they do not need orientation; they have a compact size; they are beautiful and elegant; they are quiet!

Our principles

We manufacture entirely in Italy with only best quality materials! All production processes are supervised directly by us. We test all our products individually before shipping to ensure maximum functionality. The whole production respects our “green”credo: we produce with alternative energies and low- polluting materials where possible.

Our history

We are a small production company born from the desire to put all our entrepreneurial knowledge into the preservation of the environment. Makemu energy has been producing micro wind turbines for the past 5 years, selling them around the whole world with an increasingly growing community!

Development and research

The future belongs to our children! And we work to make it healthier. This is why we constantly invest in the development of our products to make them increasingly efficient. When buying, you now have the security of purchasing a product of the latest research that contains all the know-how of today, for all your tomorrows!


Our values at a glance

Our mission

Reduced costs and easy installation make our products excellent for those who want to “do more” to help our environment – also saving money on their bills!

Our vision

Let’s all use renewable resources together for a cleaner future! It’s never too late to change – let’s start now!

Our philosophy

We work with passion and conviction, taking care of every detail of our products.

Did we convince you?

Then you just have to choose from among our products the one that suits your needs …

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