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Discover the advantages offered by the resale of our domestic wind turbines

Innovative product with high demand all over the world

Our Makemu microturbines are positioned in a market niche with great demand from consumers all over the world. In its slice of the market our product stands out for its many advantages that give it excellent competitiveness:

  • low purchase costs included
  • 100% made in Italy
  • reduced volumes and easy installation without the need for permission from local or national authorities
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • simple and pleasant design
Invest in a cleaner future with an eco-friendly product

Significant climate changes in recent years have meant that new consumers are developing an increasing environmental awareness. For this reason the market for green technologies is also registering an ever increasing demand:

  • “Green”market in continuous growth
  • Concrete contribution to a cleaner environment
  • Many state contributions exist for the installation of renewable energy products worldwide
Earn money comfortably with your new business from the “home-office”

Our world is becoming faster and faster, and work and family life are becoming increasingly difficult to reconcile. Creating a small business that can be managed from the “home office” is now a reality:

  • Discounts reserved for our resellers with revenues up to 100% simply by purchasing from our site; also valid for single orders
  • Easy retail from home for everyone thanks to our “dropshipping” formula *: you purchase our products from the website indicating the shipping address and we take care of sending it to the final customer

How to become a MAKEMU green energy retailer


To get the discount, simply subscribe to our reseller area: by contacting us you will receive a coupon code with your personal retailer discount valid for all your purchases in our E-Shop. If you want to know your possible earnings, write us directly from the contact area. We are waiting for you!


Easy and safe resale without any initial investment thanks to our “dropshipping” formula: Your discount is valid from the first purchase as well as on single orders and we take care of sending it to the final customer. By simply reselling our products at your price, you will continue to earn in total safety with possible revenues up to 100%!


If you first want to familiarize yourself with our range, contact us by asking for our SHOWROOM KIT at a super discounted price! Put our products to the test and immediately start to show them to people in your area! You will be surprised by their quality made in Italy!


Our range of products is designed to meet all your needs