Why choose the vertical axis wind turbine

Discover the strengths and advantages of our MAKEMU energy micro wind turbines

Vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT)

All our products are small and light and are activated by very low winds. They capture the wind from all directions, they are self-braking and, having no moving mechanical parts, they have an unlimited lifespan.

100% made in Italy

Our micro wind turbines are produced in Italy, recognized worldwide for the quality and taste of its products! Indeed, they combine a simple and elegant design with excellent performance!


Respect the environment

Every person is important to help our planet! By purchasing our products, you will help to reduce harmful emissions by using an inexhaustible and clean source: the wind!

Easy to install

Our kits are ready to assemble out of the box and they can be installed without the need for permission from local or national authorities! Quick and easy assembly also thanks to our Video Tutorials!

Free Worldwide Shipping

We ship free of charge all over the world! Three days for delivery in Europe, 5/7 days in North America, 7/10 days in the rest of the world.

Money Back Guarantee

No risk! If you are not satisfied, we will refund the full amount of your shopping! Why? Because we believe in our products!

MAKEMU and its 5 years

kilowatt produced (120 wind days a year)
Satisfied customers
countries reached in the world
tons of CO2 saved

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What our customers say all over the world

Si possono caricare tutti i tipi di batterie oltre ad avere luce in qualsiasi ora. Per chi si vuole avvicinare, senza enormi pretese, al eolico ,lo consiglio assolutamente. (All types of batteries can be charged as well as you can have light at any time. For those who want to approach, without huge demands, to the wind, I absolutely recommend it.)- Ebay Customer, Italy
Ottimo prodotto da usare in luoghi ventosi. Mi piace il design semplice. (Great product to use in windy places. I like the simple design.)- Ebay Customer. Italy
Great seller! Had great solutions to all my requests! Superfast delivery - 3days!- Ebay Customer, Australia
Simply the best turbine you will find, not just for the money but anywhere!- Ebay Customer, GB
Good contact, original item, perfect dealer.- Ebay Customer, US
Schnell, gut und günstig! Alles super! (Fast, good and convenient! All perfect!)- Ebay Customer, Germany

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