We present our most advanced system of the whole series for power, configuration and technical solutions adopted. Excellent for domestic and industrial use, for storage (Stand Alone inverter system) and reduction of electricity bill (Grid Connected inverter system). Can be nstalled in a few minutes, without any permission from local or national authorities.

All the advantages of our EOLO line

  • It is activated by very low winds: from only 1.9 m / sec (1KW version).
  • Small size: 32 kg and 120 cm in diameter.

  • Italian design: simple and elegant line (Made in Italy).
  • DARRIEUS / SAVONIUS hybrid rotor: the horizontal Savonius profile lowers the start-up threshold and increases efficiency at low regimes; the vertical profile Darrieus captures a large volume of air and increases performance at high revs. The result is a better output curve.
  • 360 degree wind capture: Unlike common horizontal wind generators, which have to be oriented to the wind direction, vertical axis generators capture wind from all directions.
  • Unlimited duration: since there are no moving mechanical parts (only the rotation of the motor that produces energy) the duration is almost unlimited.
  • Silent: unlike the common horizontal wind generators that have to work at 600 RPM (revolutions per minute) the EOLO, working at only 60 RPM, does not produce noise.
  • Self-braking: all vertical axis rotors, just by virtue of their intrinsic aerodynamic nature, are self-braking: when they reach their working rotation, the wind blade, which is geared against the wind, works as a brake, stabilising the rotation speed and the efficiency.
  • Plug &Play: all our systems can be installed in a few minutes without any need for permission from local or national authorities.
  • 6-blade option: the six-blade option allows you to capture twice the wind in the same volume unit by doubling the power.

  • Customisable pole height: The EOLO line in ALL the configurations is completed by a 1.30m high pole. You can customise the height with our modular M40 system by mounting universal poles (1.30m) on top of each other and securing them with tension cables in each junction.

  • Universal fixing base: All EOLO kits are complete with pole (1.30m) with universal fixing base, suitable to be mounted on any support. (* The fastening is carried out by our customers at their own risk and must be properly designed and executed according to the place and type of installation, for example on the ground, on the balcony, on the roof, etc.)


  • Customisable inverter system: All our lines can be purchased either without inverter or with the preferred inverter system (“Stand Alone”/ “Grid Connected”). Here you can download our recommended wiring diagram:



The EOLO series can be purchased in three different powers: 1 KW, 2KW and 3KW, starting from 803,00€ (for the PLUS kit, 1KW,3blades).

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