Take advantage of the sun’s energy at very low costs

The sun radiates an incredible amount of energy every day on earth: in particular, one kilowatt (1 KW) per square meter. If we were able to capture and transform all this energy, we would have a million times the energy needs of the world population. The problem is that it is difficult – but above all expensive – to convert this energy. However, all current systems invest in conversion efficiency at the expense of cost. Our system completely overturns the setting: generating thermal energy incredibly cheaply. Thanks to this intuition we can produce energy at very low costs!

EASYSOL thermal collector operation

EASYSOL: warm and clean air for your home

Thermal radiation, heat capture and convection

1.) Heat transmission

The sun emits thermal radiations (specifically infrared rays) that travel in the air and that heat up the objects that strike. While dark/ black objects absorb many thermal rays, light / white objects absorb few, reflecting most of the thermal radiations.

2.) Heat capture

The sun’s rays reach the outermost surface of our polycarbonate collector – treated with a patented process to make it semi-transparent and opaque – and cross it. Because of the greenhouse effect, they remain trapped inside and caught by the black pigmentation with which the panel is made. To prevent the heat from being dispersed towards the side of the support, there are two thermal cameras filled with air (the best insulation in the world after an absolute vacuum).

3.) Heat transport: convection

Through a ventilation system (SOLARFAN) the air so heated in the superficial thermal capsules can finally be introduced into the environment to be heated (convection). An EASYSOL panel system can heat large volumes of fresh and clean air from the outside by placing them warm in the home. Constantly replaced and dehumified, home air quality improves considerably, making you earn not only in money, but also in comfort and health.

MAGIC PANEL: not only a solar collector but much more …

Our MAGIC PANEL thermal collectors are small, light, colored, multi-purpose and can be installed both in series and in parallel. They can be used as roof tiles, to heat water in the summer up to 80 ° C, or – filled with air – as very effective insulation in winter. And if you need to customize the color? No problem: we can create your panel in any color you need – at no extra cost!

New MAGIC PANEL solar thermal collectors

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