Our photovoltaic ventilation system SOLARFAN SF10 / SF20 for thermal collectors (for small systems with 1 + 1 panels) works without electricity and is ideal for holiday homes, campers, bungalows, greenhouses.

All the advantages of our SOLARFAN series

  • Lightweight and compact: all the products in our SOLARFAN series are small and light and can be mounted on almost any type of support (roof, wall, ballaustra, canopy). Size SOLARFAN SF20: 45cm x 35 cm x 16cm; 4 kg / Dimensions SOLARFAN SF10: 42cm x 29cm x 16 cm; 3 kg.
  • Autonomous power supply: When the sun begins to radiate the area where the thermal collectors are installed, a small photovoltaic module (SF10 39 cm x 29 cm / SF 20 54 x 35 cm) starts supplying energy to two fans, which begin to blow the air from the outside into the thermal collectors and from here into the environment. When the sun is obscured by clouds, the fans stop to avoid blowing cold air into the interior of the house.
  • Filtered and clean air: Two types of filters (particulate and insect) control the quality of fresh air entering the house.
  • Adjustable Azimuth: being tiltable the photovoltaic panel, once mounted on the wall, can be further oriented towards the sun (at 90 °) so as to be able to feed the fan system more effectively.
  • Complete with all accessories: Complete kit with all the accessories you need to create your own system.

The SOLARFAN line can be purchased in two different powers: 10W (system of 1x EASYSOL panel) and 20W (system of 2x EASYSOL panels) starting from € 160.00.