The sun radiates an incredible amount of energy every day on earth: in particular, one kilowatt (1 KW) per square meter. If we were able to capture and transform all this energy, we would have a million times the energy needs of the world population. The problem is that it is difficult – but above all expensive – to convert this energy. However, all current systems invest in conversion efficiency at the expense of cost. Our system completely overturns the setting: generating thermal energy incredibly cheaply. Thanks to this intuition we can produce energy at very low costs!

MAGIC PANEL: discover all the uses and advantages of our collectors

  • Triple use: Can be used both as a thermal water panel, for roofs (tiles) and as winter insulation.
  • Small size:

  • Summer use with water: They produce hot water at no cost using the sun. In summer they heat water for pools, showers, washbasins etc.
  • Winter use / insulation: In winter, filled with air, they act as insulation.
  • All-year use / roofing: Being extremely light, they are ideal for roofs of all types: sheds, farmhouses, campers, bungalows, greenhouses, garages, pergolas, gazebos, etc.
  • Ecofriendly: Constructed in non-polluting and 100% recyclable polyethylene.
  • Modular installation: Modular in series and parallel as desired to increase temperature and flow rate.

  • Italian design, beautiful and elegant: energy saving is combined with urban furnishing.
  • Maintenance: Being made of high quality polyethylene they do not require maintenance and have an almost unlimited life.
  • Customizable colors: black (default), red, fuchsia, blue, green, etc.

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Our MAGIC PANEL series can be purchased starting from € 89.00 each!