Our EASYSOL Solar Panels (AEROTHERM GENERATORS) work by directly using the air as a heat transfer fluid. Under optimal conditions (mounted on a south-facing wall / aquifer) heating costs can be reduced by up to 60%. In addition, they keep the air of your home always clean and oxygenated, creating a healthy domestic climate and preventing the creation of mold.

All the advantages of our EASYSOL BASIC series

  • Free warm air: they produce warm air at no cost using the sun.
  • Reduction of heating costs: in winter you can reduce heating costs by up to 60%.
  • Lightweight and compact: only 4 kg and 1.5 Mq of volume. Being very light but sturdy materials they can be installed without problems on practically any type of support (wall, brim, ballaustra, balconies, canopies, …)

  • Healthy domestic climate: they keep the home air always clean, oxygenated and warm.
  • Minimum investment: unlike a classic photovoltaic / thermal hot water system with very high costs, our products are accessible to all those who want to use the sun’s energy to heat and sanitize the air of their home.
  • Excellent for little used environments: Mounted in a holiday home, they help keep it heated and dry during the year at zero cost, avoiding the creation of mold.
  • Use them throughout the year: our collectors can be used both in winter (heat the house) and in the summer (heat the swimming pool, whirlpool …).
  • Excellent insulator from the heat of summer: in summer they keep the house cool (they capture all the heat radiated by the sun reflecting it in the atmosphere while keeping the roof/attic cool).
  • Low environmental impact: our aerothermal generators are made of non-polluting and 100% recyclable polycarbonate.
  • Modular: our panels can be mounted in series and parallel at will to increase ait flow and / or temperature.

  • Delta T = 30 °: If the outside temperature is 0 °, the air exits the collector at 30 ° (temperature increase with optimal radiation).
  • Italian Design: our 100% Made in Italy modules are not only extremely functional but thanks to the semi-transparent and opaque material also esthetically very pleasing.
  • Easy maintenance: being first quality polycarbonate products our panels need no maintenance and have an almost unlimited duration.
  • Special alveolar polycarbonate panels with 4 thermal chambers:


Our EASYSOL series can be purchased starting from € 140.00 each!